Gift bag


Spring - art. no. 7206

A bag of cocoa truffles, small bottle of champagne and a beautiful  mothersday mug. 

    Price excl. VAT: € 21,15

Summer, summer - art. no. 7207

Cocoa truffles 200g, small bottle of cava and a cool summer mug. 
    Price excl. VAT: € 19,50

Fall treat - art. no. 7208

A box assorted chocolates 340g, bag of pumpkins filled with a smooth hazelnutcream 200g
and a falltastic autumn leaves mug.
    Price excl. VAT: € 22,25

Merry Christmas - art. no. 7210

A box assorted chocolates 220g, bag of fruit jelly 200g, small bottle of port
and a christmas holly mug. 
    Price excl. VAT: € 15,10

Sparkly New Year - art. no. 7216

A box assorted chocolates 220g, bag of super food mendiant 200g,
small bottle of Lenniks Poireke jenever and a ice cristal mug. 
    Price excl. VAT: € 20,25

Be my Valentine - art. no. 7217

A bag filled with chocolates hart shaped  200g a small bottle of cava 
and a beautiful red hearts mug.
    Price excl. VAT: € 15,10

Beer meet chocolate - art. no. 7218

A bag of dark Belgian chocolate truffles 200g, a fun fathers day mug
and our Belgian beer (that tastes great with dark chocolate). 
    Price excl. VAT: € 12,50
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