Hat boxes


Spring blossom - art. no. 4002

A beautiful round hat box with a Cherry Blossom print, inside a delicious 220g ballotin filled with
an assortment of handmade Belgian chocolates, a bag of rich Belgian dark chocolate hearts
wrapped with pink foiled 200g, a bag of 200g handmade roasted almond truffles,
and to finished off this wonderful gift a 100g bag of handmade cookies.

    Price excl. VAT: € 24,90

Pink Mania - art. no. 4003

A beautiful round hat box with a Cherry Blossom design, inside a tasty treat of a 340g ballotin
filled with assorted Belgian chocolates, a 200g bag of creamy hazelnut filled Sea Shells,
smooth handmade Belgian Chocolate truffles in a bag of 200g, and an added bonus a mini bottle of Cava 20cl.
    Price excl. VAT: € 26,70

Picnic - art. no. 4004

Assorted Ballotin 340 g, Chocolate Truffels 200 g, Chocolate Covered Almonds 200 g, Handmade Biscuits 100 g,
and a Bottle of Brasser Beer 33cl.
    Price excl. VAT: € 24,30

Summer Fun - art. no. 4005

Belgian Chocolate Assorted Ballotin 460 g, Sea Shells  200 g, and Chocolate Covered Almonds 200 g.
    Price excl. VAT: € 27,95

Leave it to chocolate - art. no. 4006

A box with an assortment of 460 g of chocolates, dark chocolate orangettes 200 g and
a small bottle of Cava to top it off. 
    Price excl. VAT: € 24,30

Fall into chocolate - art. no. 4007

A box with an assortment of Belgian Chocolates 220 g, seasonal white chocolate
autumn mushrooms 200 g and 200 g of fruit jellies.
    Price excl. VAT: € 20,30

Elf Vibes - art. no. 4008

Box of assorted Belgian chocolates 220g, Pate de Fruits 200g, Vanilla cream filled Christmas trees 200g,
and Almond Chocolate Bar 75g.
    Price excl. VAT: € 24,80

Jingle Bells - art. no. 4009

Box of assorted Belgian Chocolates 340g, Hazelnut cream Santa Chocolates 200g,
Milk Chocolate Mendiants 200g, and bottle of mini Cava.
    Price excl. VAT: € 27,50

Winter Wonderland - art. no. 4010

Box of assorted Belgian Chocolates 460g, Assorted Round Truffles 200g, Almond Truffles 200g
and Assorted Cookies 100g.
    Price excl. VAT: € 31,50

Snow Day - art. no. 4011

Box of assorted Belgian Chocolates 220g, Milk Chocolate Sea Shells 200 g,
Assorted Cookies 100 g and a mini bottle of Cava. 
    Price excl. VAT: € 21,15

Sweet kisses - art. no. 4012

340g assortment of handmade Belgian chocolates, a 200g bag of round pink champagne truffles,
a 200g bag of chocolate truffles, a white chocolate slab and a bottle of Cava.
    Price excl. VAT: € 27,10

Happy Valentine - art. no. 4013

An assortment of 220g handmade Belgian chocolates, a 200g bag of Belgian Chocolate Truffles,
and a 200g bag of Red Hazelnut Cream Hearts.
    Price excl. VAT: € 20,30
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