Wine box


Wine Crate Spring - art. no. 6001

An exceptional quality wooden wine box, makes the perfect gift for any chocolate and wine lover. 
Inside you receive a ballotin of 375g wrapped in our pretty spring Cherry Blossom paper filled
with an assortment of tasty Belgian Chocolates, a 200g bag of rich dark Belgian chocolate heats Pink Hearts 200g,
Truffles Milk Chocolate 200g and White Wine Lore 75cl.
    Price excl. VAT: € 34,25

Wine Crate Summer - art. no. 6002

Box of Belgain Chocolates 375g, Sea Shells 200g, Round Truffles 200g,
Almonds covered in milk chocolate and Ostatu Red Wine 50cl.
    Price excl. VAT: € 32,50

Wine Crate Autumn - art. no. 6003

An assortment box of Belgian chocolates 375 g, dark chocolate mendiants 200g and
chocolate chip cookies 100 g combined with a botttle of White Port 75 cl and sent in a wooden wine crate.
    Price excl. VAT: € 29,20

Wine Crate Christmas - art. no. 6004

Box of Belgain Chocolates 375g, Sea Shells 200g, Santa Dark Chocolate 200g and Red Port 75cl.
    Price excl. VAT: € 30,30

Wine Crate New Year - art. no. 6005

Box of Belgain Chocolates 460g, Round truffles 200g, Milk Mendiants 200g, and Infini Champagne 37,5cl.

    Price excl. VAT: € 41,80

Wine Crate Valentines - art. no. 6006

Box of Belgain Chocolates 375g, Pink Hearts 200g, Hazelnuts 200g and Ostatu Red Wine 75cl.
    Price excl. VAT: € 31,30
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