Broker Premium London Dry Gin 40 % - art. no. 2101

The World's Best Gin. No tonic needed. Drink it pure.


Price excl. VAT: € 23,20

Gin Haswell - art. no. 2102

Fruity Gin. Very tasty with strawberries. Best with Indi Orange Tonic.


Price excl. VAT: € 33,80

Gin Mare - art. no. 2103

Mediterranean Gin.


Price excl. VAT: € 37,10

Greenore Irish Whiskey Single grain - art. no. 2201

Single Grain. Small Batch.
Soft, sweet and granular taste. Matured for at least 8 years on old bourbon casks.


Price excl. VAT: € 36,50

Prince Polignac Cognac - art. no. 2202   

Renegated Cognac. Winner of various prizes.
Drink as a pastry, with ice cream or in cocktails.




Price excl. VAT: € 26,80

Cognac Fransac Réserve Ancestrale - art. no. 2203

Fruity and spicy Cognac. Belonged to the Cru Cognacs.


Price excl. VAT: € 82,00

Pinea de charentes Vignoble Philbert - art. no. 2301

Light Pineau with fruity aromas.
    Price excl. VAT: € 12,80

Porto Vista Alegre Tawny - art. no. 2302

Full red Porto. To drink as a dough or as an aperitif.
    Price excl. VAT: € 8,20

Porto Vista Alegre Moscastel do Douro - art. no. 2303

3 years old Moscatel Porto.
Very tasty as a refreshing cocktail with tonic.


Price excl. VAT: € 16,00

Sherry Guttierez: Colosia Fino - art. no. 2304

4 years old Fruity Sherry.
Fresh to serve. Suitable as an aperitif. With fish, crustaceans and shellfish.


Price excl. VAT: € 10,20
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